Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Reddit had a thread about Top 3 Simple Pleasures, which got me thinking about subject myself and trying to make my own list. Narrowing it to three was inconceivable, so instead I decided to take the reins off completely and expand it into a blog post. Behold, my favorite 'Simple Pleasures'

-Finding something you thought was lost forever
-Handing in a test you just aced
-A cool fall breeze on your face while nestled under the blankets
-Ice cold glass of water after a run
-Passing cars stuck in traffic on my bike
-Running to the perfect song
-Laughing until you cry
-Coffee and a warm savory scone
-That 4th or 5th listen to a new song when you realize you love it
-A really good movie trailer (like this, or this)
-Morning pee
-Having a picture miraculously come out well
-Giving a present
-Opening a present
-Finishing a Sudoku
-When you get a password right on your last try
-When water stuck in your ear from swimming finally comes out
-Typing really fast without making a mistake
-Catching the bus, BARELY
-Petting an agreeable cat/dog
-Cracking my knuckles
-The brief respite in nausea after you throw up
-Saying "I Love You"
-Getting your hair washed at the barber/salon
-When that jerk on the opposing team serves the ball into the net.

What are yours?


  1. -remembering to bring a bar of soap with you into the shower after finishing off the last one (before you get in once and get wet)
    -talking about planning a trip
    -getting up early to do something fun with friends (e.g., tough mudder, flag football, swedish, road trip, market basket, I-day)

  2. -getting completely wrapped up in book
    -remembering something really funny and smiling to yourself
    -private jokes
    -doing my hair/make up
    -sunlight coming through the window on a cold winter's day
    -a really good puzzle
    -singing badly -really loud
    -napping with someone/thing you love
    -starting a bonfire
    (and you stole the water one from me, js)