Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Price of Tea

Forgive me for wasting any more bandwidth on something that has already been covered thoroughly by the lamestream* media and is at the end of its newscycle, but someone needs to put these tea-baggers to task. If you aren't aware, yesterday the Queen Bee herself joined thousands of Palindrones** in Boston Common to protest what they profess to be a threat to the very core of Democracy: Barack Obama.

I'm sure they claim to have a platform and issues, but make no mistake about it, the frothing mass of Tea-baggers are not the patriots they claim to be. As the above cartoon so brilliantly lampoons, Tea-baggers have no ideas, as constructive ideas are hard to fit on signs and chant on Capitol Hill. More likely, the 10% of Americans who consider themselves "Tea Party activists" are simply angry, and looking for a cause to channel their fury. What harm could come of that? Well, when many of these "activists" are also racist, sexist bigots  what was once an assembly of "Good Ol' Boys" takes the shape of thinly-veiled KKK rally. The OG tea-baggers would scoff at what is being perpetrated under the guise of "freedom" and "love of country" today.

Perhaps most unsettling through all of this is the calculated way that politicians (primarily GOPers) are becoming ensnared in the movement, hoping to ride their enthusiasm to a win in November, whatever the cost. Many refuse to denounce the reprehensible actions of Tea-baggers at rallies, for fear that retribution will derail their election bids. The parasitic nature of politics has never been clearer than in the slippery words coming from Republican camps when asked if the Tea Party movement may be a little too venomous. They hem and haw, crunch some poll numbers, and then issue a mealy-mouthed statement about "civil disobedience and public unrest", closing with a wink-wink jab at Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama, the Republican equivalent to the terrorist fist jab. Sadly, until those in positions of power denounce the Tea Party movement as the dangerous and radical mob that they are, weaker politicians will continue to gravitate towards the promise of an easy electoral boost, consequences be damed.

*Seriously Tea-baggers? That doesn't even rhyme.

**THAT is how you do it. And I just made that up out of thin air***

***Copyright MPD 2010.

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