Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All Apologies

I've been meaning to write some nice blog posts the past fews days, and trust me when I say I have oodles to write about, it's just that with the weather making me feel like a crypt keeper and having to move/clean my old apartment on top of that, I just can't muster the wit and snark you've come to expect. If I can't do my best, I'd rather not try. With that being said, I am currently sitting on my futon in my new room in Inman Square, surrounded by boxes and bags and empty pieces of furniture that I have no interest in filling. I did however, find time to set-up an air conditioner (praise Allah) and buy a six pack of Newcastle, of which I am halfway through. Beer counts as hydration right? I'm not sure where science stands on this. But I do know that heavy drinkers live substantially longer than abstainers (thanks RO'B), which is frankly all I need to hear when it is 95 degrees out. I intend on writing a thorough post about moving once I have finished the process, but who knows when that will be. Until then, enjoy the official "Fuck You" video from Cee-Lo Green, released today. He really hammers home the 60's doo-wop/Hey-Ya vibe with back-up singers sashaying in a greasy diner while Cee-Lo gets his heart broken 3 times over. Poor guy.


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