Thursday, August 26, 2010


I should formally apologize for the gap in entertainment lately. I've spent the bulk of the last week in beautiful Montreal while everyone in the Greater Boston area was thoroughly drenched. I'm not sure what to make of it, especially when the clouds broke so kindly for my return. The best way to describe Montréal is to call it a bizarro-world Boston where the Subways are clean/run on time, the Museums are free, the panhandlers are bilingual, strip clubs are legal, every meal is accompanied by french fries, and bikes get their OWN two lane road on many streets (complete with median). In short, I wish I hadn't just signed a new lease*. Here a few photos complete with requisite snark

* No I do not hate freedom (America). A little culture never hurt anyone.

 Ann and I were moths to the big lines of people. Our first big line brought us into Schwartz's Deli for corned beef. This was "The Usual". It was delicious, although the bread was just as silly as it is at Blue Ribbon. How skimpy can the bread for it to still be called a sandwich? This is close to the line.

We went to the Jean Talon Market where they had out of this world produce. Of course, we were not terribly interested in perishable goods but it was interesting.

Like I said. Wack-ass produce. Even the little baskets! Adorable really. Except for the ground cherries (the things to the left of the cherry tomaters). They tasted like cheese.

Perhaps this is why the streets were so clean. Inspired by elephants and Ghosbusters.

Beneath this mountain of french fries and sprigs of lettuce is the most succulent chicken you will ever taste. I take great pride in not eating chicken skin. I ate the skin. It ruled. Ann and I were very sleepy after this.

Found Boston.

Base of Parc du Mont-Royale.

Nice views up top after a little hike. I can't imagine why people run up the thing though.

Montreal <3 Bixi bikes. These stations were everywhere. Rental bikes for $5/hr. Cool idea.

Ann <3 Hibiscus beer at the Dieu du Ciel bar/microbrewery. I <3'd it too. Tasted like Hawaiian Punch.

Big chess games in a park. Dude just got his knight tore up.

We went to Old Montreal too but it was mostly a tourist trap. The fountains were pretty though. I don't like to use flash. I should have used flash.

Horses idling.

We didn't see this guy. Montreal bagels are crispy and delicious.

 Montreal Olympic Stadium. I lost by a nose.

Botanical Gardens. Insectarium was closed :(

"Freaky-deakies need love too." Tracy Jordan

Appropriate name. 

Ann <3 Bubble tea. I do too.
Nifty oasis of a beer garden from drab and unassuming exterior.

 Ann <3 Boreal beer.

CHILD LABOR LAWS ARE SILLY AND OUTDATED! As long as these kids keep making delicious Dragon Beard candy, I won't tell the authorities.

Another monster line for Poutine!

Poutine with Bacon, Onion and Sausage. No graceful way to eat it. 

Ann <3 Cafe au Lait. Eggceptional breakfast at Eggspectations. Note the requisite fried taters. 

Corrugated chair by Frank Gehry, nifty Picasso, Napoleon's Hat/Gloves/Shirt, Entrance to Miles Davis exhibit I couldn't bring myself to pay $15 for. 

Montreal in a nutshell. Clean, artsy, cultured. Note the violinist. I think I gave him a loonie.


  1. great travelogue. i'm jealous.

    but shame on you for skimping on miles. that exhibit would have been well worth $15, and - were I to visit frenchytown - would be near the top of my agenda (just below the poutine joints, lebanese restaurants, and clubsupersex)

  2. Actually, the bikes are $5 for unlimited use for 24 hours - as long as each one of your rides is under 30 minutes. So in theory you can borrow a bike 48 times (or more) in 24 hours and it won't cost you more than the original $5 you paid.

  3. Let's go to Montreal, Mike. I smell a bike challenge.

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