Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The F is for Freedom

Not to diminish Republican victory laps (although that would be a bonus), but tomorrow marks a momentous occasion, one that transcends politics and promises bring all Americans together in celebration. Tomorrow is November 4th, the day Dwayne Michael Carter Jr AKA Weezy F. Baby AKA Lil Wayne is released from Rikers Island Penitentiary after serving an 8-month sentence for gun possession. Much has been said about Wayne's time spent in prison, from him being forced to serve his final month in solitary after being caught with contraband (headphones) to speculation regarding the release of his massively anticipated The Carter IV immediately following his liberation. It is difficult to confirm or deny these claims, but one thing is incontrovertible fact; Lil Wayne released a ton of music while he was incarcerated. Whether these tracks have been stockpiled for years in preparation for his inevitable prison sentence or he simply went on a recording binge in his final days of freedom (I'm guessing the latter), most of the songs compare favorably to some of his best work. So, in honor  of Wayne rejoining society, I'd like to list some of my favorite imprisoned Lil Wayne tracks to go on top of the 20 (TWENTY) music videos he recorded in the weekend before he reported to jail. Note: All of these songs were released while Wayne was in Rikers.

Bill Gates

Right Above It

No Love  (with Eminem)

Miss Me (with Drake)

I'm On It (with Tyga)

Shades (with Justin Timberlake and Diddy)

Light Up

Somehow the word 'prolific' just doesn't seem right.

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