Monday, June 28, 2010

Alex Alex Alex...

This was a real category on Jeopardy last week.

Couple things Alex:

1. On what planet is that Autotune? Typing the clue into an Apple IIe computer and having it read it back to you is not how autotune works. This is what my Teddy Ruxpin sounded like when it was running out of batteries and it scared the crap out of me. Pony up the $3 for the T-Pain iPhone app and thank me later.

2. I'm all for making Jeopardy more "hip", but less than a week after I heaped praises upon Jeopardy, calling it a "hallowed piece of Americana", you go and do something so desperate. Maybe you were hoping that by digitizing the clues you could somehow confuse your nemesis, but have some self-respect. If Jeopardy caved to every pop-culture whim, there would have been "Identify the Boy Band by their Frosted Tips" category in the 90's, and no one wants that.

3. On that note, is it just me, or has Alex Trebek lost a certain je ne sais quois since he shaved his moustache?  I mean, just LOOK at him back then and try to deny the warm pools of his eyes and his "Just For Men" pose. If producers wanted this Alex to sing auto-tuned nursery rhymes they would have needed a lot of scotch and a team of Navy Seals to come out of it alive. And even then he'd probably send them threatening faxes and mess up their Rubik's cube for a few weeks.

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  1. There's a daily cash prize of $1000 and fuck!