Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Concert Overview

What's the best thing about summer? Going to the beach? Puh-lease, some of us have pasty complexions. Barbecuing? Fun, but how many days in a row can you eat a Kielbasa? Binge-ing on Fla-vor-ice? Perhaps. Personally, I love seeing live music in the summer, especially outdoors. Not necessarily on the lawn at a Dave Matthews Band concert between a cloud of pot smoke and a frat dude passed out on a beach towel (been there, done that), but there are worse things. 

Any band worth their salt tours in the summer. I can't even imagine what it's like to spend three months driving 5000 miles a 12 person van with no air conditioning, stained carpets, and the same 4 people. Miserable? Probably. Also, exciting and lucrative. Seeing a them live is the best way to show your support for your favorite band. Don't believe me? Read this. Bands make next to nothing on album sales and royalties, but retain a significant portion of ticket sales. Despite rampant music piracy and poor record sales, artist revenues have increased for the last 5 years thanks to touring. Travel the world and make a ton (debatable) of money? Where do I sign up?

Here's a list of a few concerts I plan to attend this summer and a few that you'd best avoid. 

6/8 Backstreet Boys - Bank of America Pavillion

Yes, these charming young men. Now old and destitute! If you really want to feel like you are in Middle School again, buy yourself a scrunchie, a tamagotchi, and watch Friends. Do not go to this concert. 

6/17 Jimmy Buffett - Comcast Center

This goes for you too mom and dad. If you want to have a Margarita in a tropical paradise, go to Aruba and order one. Drinking a Bud Light Lime at a Jimmy Buffett is not a viable alternative.    

7/1 GAGA - TD Banknorth Garden

Sorry Gaga, but these are surely out of my price range. I will make a pair of lit cigarette sunglasses and make poison sandwiches in your honor.   

7/12 Wolf Parade - House of Blues

After the cultural wasteland that was the month of June, I was beginning to rethink this blog post. Mercifully, along came Wolf Parade to turn things around. Their new album is nifty, and they put on a good show. Note: there are no wolves or parades during the act, contrary to popular belief. Although they did have a marching band walk through the crowd when I saw them.  

7/14 The Love Language - TT The Bears

LOVE LOVE The Love Language. I still can't believe they are not Vampire Weekend popular yet, but they will be soon, belee dat*. Do yourself a favor and see them if you have the chance. 

7/24 Bon Jovi/Kid Rock - Gillette Stadium

Somehow a Bon Jovi/Kid Rock concert sounds oddly appropriate. I am not condoning this behavior, but if you're looking for a parking lot to shotgun beers or commit misdemeanors in on the weekend of the 24th, Gillette stadium is the place to be.

7/31 The Black Keys with the Morning Benders - Bank of America Pavillion

If you want to have your face melted off, follow me here. I could probably hear them shredding from my apartment, but I'd rather get a little closer.

8/1 The Arcade Fire with Spoon - Bank of America Pavillion

It is a point of personal shame that I haven't seen The Arcade Fire live. This will not stand.

8/5 Local Natives - The Middle East

2010's indie darlings come to Cambridge. I blogged about them a few months ago but don't feel like looking it up. Use the search bar. 

8/6 Jeff Dunham - I'm not telling you where he is "performing"

Jeff Dunham brings his unfunny, racist brand of ventriloquism to Boston. If you see him, have seen him, or see him on the street, do me a favor and break his hands and ruin his career. I'll pay your legal fees.  

These last two concerts are technically September but September is technically still summer, so shut it.  And they look great.  

9/12 Vampire Weekend/Beach House - Bank of America Pavillion

9/17 Broken Social Scene - House of Blues

*believe that.

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  1. Let me know when you are going to these if you need company. I'm interested in coming to a few. Belee dat