Thursday, March 4, 2010

Indie Band of the Week: Best Coast

Best Coast sounds like something that washed up on a California beach. Tossed around in the waves, mid-range frequencies are smoothed and softened, leaving only the sharp treble and the deep bass drone in tact. It's an interesting technique that draws favorable comparisons to the lo-fi sounds of The Beach Boys. The churning guitars of Sun Was High (And So Was I) mimic a distant lawn-mower, and Bethany Cosentino's vocals sound like she's caterwauling down a sewer pipe. Guitar riffs are blurred and loose, and Cosentino's melody sometimes makes me want to hide my stemware.

This would be a problem if the songs didn't hover around two minutes and the melodies didn't burrow themselves into my parietal lobe. The lyrics (barely amounting to more than a haiku) are repeated with a sincerity and warmth that shines through the distortion layered over them. After a string of EPs and singles, Best Coast is readying their debut LP for a 2010 release. Check out a fan video for Sun Was High (So Was I) below.    


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