Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Repeat: Bonus Edition

I couldn't decide between two tracks this week, so I'm going to talk about both. Conveniently, both fall into the category of lo-fi electro-buzz that I've been quite obsessed with lately. Similar to Best Coast last week, these two songs have humble origins but are so darn catchy that the risks they take add to the allure rather than alienate.

Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground

The shrieking guitar riff opening is a pretty good indication of what you can expect from Sleigh Bells. It just sounds DEAFENING, at any volume. Not 5 seconds after starting, an absolutely booming drum part stomps into the song and nearly shakes everything off the tracks. The song crackles and buzzes and vibrates in every note, sounding like a recording of a recording of a recording blasted through a blown-out stereo. Despite the rattling, the steady guitar swirls give this tornado of a song a center and direction. If it sounds a bit off-putting at first, give it another couple listens and you'll come around. I promise.

Royal Bangs - My Car Is Haunted

If Sleigh Bells are a bit too noisy for you, you'll be happy to hear that Royal Bangs exercise a bit more discretion. Not much though. Rather than place the bulk of the buzz on the drums, My Car Is Haunted fuzzes up the guitar instead, conceding the melody and hooks to the vocals. There's a frantic maraca, a cowbell that would make Bruce Dickinson proud and some post-apocalyptic lyrics referencing the 'age of lasers', an electric ocean' and 'ungodly heat'. I think a haunted car is the least of their problems.

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