Thursday, November 26, 2009


Driving back and forth to New Hampshire is not my preferred method of burning four hours, but the experience does afford one a unique opportunity for reflection, something I otherwise take great pains to avoid. There's something about putt-putting down familiar streets and queuing up a few forgotten songs that gets the mind a-wandering. In my case, it precipitates the humbling realization that I am supremely lucky. Not to wax existentially, but although I have yet to accomplish anything of merit in this life, I feel as though I've been acquiring the necessary tools from those around me until that day comes.

We are nothing if not a reflection of our parents love and sacrifice, so I suppose my happiness and ambition is the best compliment I can bestow upon my parents. The moral compass and humility that they instilled in me through their words and actions is something I grow more grateful for everyday.

However, I would be remiss if I thought that devoted parents alone are what it takes to fashion a decent human being. This is the part where I thank every friend for simply being that. Someone to talk to, someone to see a movie with, someone to offer advice, experiences or just a new perspective that makes the day-to-day a little bit easier and in the process shapes your character. The role that friends play in one's life cannot be overstated. To paraphrase Clarence from It's A Wonderful Life, "No man is a failure who has friends."

Lastly, I am thankful for my career which has indulged my scientific mind while providing me a steady paycheck and coworkers that I respect and admire. To have a job that you enjoy AND pays the bills is no small feat these days.

I hope that you too are reading this somewhere warm, surrounded by the ones you love. 

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