Monday, November 9, 2009

Scrooge Revisited

I've been asked to write a clarifying blog post to address what may seem like a hypocritical stance in regards to A Christmas Carol. On Thursday, I wrote a less-than-flattering post that described motion capture technology as fundamentally flawed and that it would "never rise above the sphere of the console." Not three days later, I had shelled out 12.75 to see it in IMAX 3D. You may be asking yourself, (and rightfully so) "What gives Mr. Fancypants?". Well, I'll tell you what gives:

It was my friend MT's birthday and we wanted to surprise her.

That's all she wrote. No wavering feelings about Motion Capture, no uncalibrated moral compass, no loss of integrity. The movie still stunk and I still think motion capture is going nowhere fast. But hey it made 31,000,000 this weekend, so what do I know? We now return you to your regularly scheduled air of superiority.

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  1. i got a mention! :o) very glad that you were able to turn your suffering into something productive. i judge you not on blogs of christmas past (plus, your presence was appreciated).