Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last Lil Wayne related post of the week (I promise)

Let's file this under 'Questionable Parenting'. Reportedly, Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae (also known as "Baby Carter") has teamed up with T.I.'s daughter Zonnique (known as "Star") to form the group 'OMG Girlz'. They have a song, titled 'Ain't Nobody', on their myspace here, and will almost certainly feature guest spots from their respective daddies, which is the only reason I'm remotely interested in this story. I can only hope that Reginae doesn't have her fathers flair for vulgarity and poo references. Wait that's only half true. I love the poo verses.

It's been a slow news week, I've been sickly, and one can't blog whilst driving back and forth to New Hampshire. This leaves precious little time for the blog posts you've all come to admire and expect. I'll promise to be a bit more thorough in the coming days. In the meantime, here are a couple cool videos.

Jimmy Fallon covering Neil Young covering Will Smith

Shaolin Monk balances on 2 fingers

Actual quote from the President's 'Educate to Innovate' speech earlier this week. Obama's the coolest:

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