Monday, November 30, 2009

For the Star Wars Geek in your Life

After initially offering it as an April Fool's joke, somehow gained the approval of Lucasfilm and are now legitimately manufacturing the Tauntaun sleeping bag for the masses. The response from their April Fool's joke was apparently so incredible that they had no choice but to try and get the thing made. If you aren't familiar, this is a play on the iconic Empire Strikes Back scene where Han Solo places Luke inside of a dead Tauntaun to keep him warm during an ice storm. The scene is re-enacted hilariously below WITH a Tauntaun sleeping bag. As you can probably see, the sleeping bag has a Lightsaber zipper and is lined with Tauntaun guts, of course. It's $99, and available for preorder at Unfortunately, the chances of a Star Wars nerd actually using it for camping are slim to none.

If you're on a budget, might I direct your attention to the equally hilarious Yoda backpack. Perfect for Jedi Training and only 34.99 at thinkgeek.

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