Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Repeat: Editors

I know I did an On Repeat post on Thursday, but get over it. While Brit group Editors have existed since 2002 (so says their Wiki), and I was already in possession of one of their earlier albums, they've never sounded like THIS before. Papillon, the debut single off 2009's In This Light and On This Evening, is a pulsing, undeniable morsel of synth-pop, that sounds like something that sprung forth from 1983's time capsule. The New Order parallels are plentiful, with Editors flaunting an irresistable synth riff that seems tailor-made for a laser-infested night club of brooding teens. Just as the riff starts to get a bit tired, things shift into a higher gear by layering yet another synth line, this one engineered to make you lose any trace of inhibition and class. The chorus simply serves to buffer between these screaming synth lines, and to allow things to build from scratch yet again, but I can't help but turn my Zune into eardrum-puncturing (sorry mom) levels when I sense the synths on the horizon again.

While Papillon is a 180 from the post-punk roots of their earlier works, singer Tom Smith has a flexible, measured baritone that can snarl and coo in the same breath, allowing him to slither effortlessly into this change of scenery. While Editors may be over their heads trying to reinvent themselves 7 years and three albums into a career, Papillon makes it quite clear that they have the chops for it. At least for 3 minutes and 56 seconds. 

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