Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well folks, it appears that the 3 goats I sacrificed last night to save Lil Wayne from prison did the trick, as today it was announced that Mr. Carter will undergo dental surgery February 12th. His new sentencing date is March 2nd. Crazy, but unsurprising from the guy who pushed back his album Rebirth 6 times. I hope he spits (or drools) a few verses immediately after his surgery, I doubt we'll even be able to tell the difference.

On another note, see the nifty artwork above? Yeah, I made that. It's currently in the final stages of approval at MoMA. Actually, it's just my mouse handiwork from yesterday afternoon. This neat little program follows your mouse cursor around the screen and traces it's path. When you leave the mouse idle, it will make a little bloop. The size of the bloop is proportional to the length of time left stationary. The upper right bloop was probably dinner (African Peanut Soup, YUM), and the massive bloop to the left was when I watched Days of Heaven (beautiful film). I went for a run, showered and did some reading too, but damned if I know which bloops those are. Eating and movies is a pretty fair summation of my evening activities on a daily basis. And people say surfing the internet is lazy! Look at that mouse go!

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