Friday, February 5, 2010

On Repeat: Thao With The Get Down Stay Down

Believe it or not, cranking out 5 movie reviews in an afternoon is more taxing than you'd expect. Even when I've already reviewed them! We here at Lollipops and Crisps have a commitment to quality blogging, and every post goes through rigorous spell-checking and data cross-checking before it is released to the masses. I am accepting applications for unpaid interns, and offer unlimited DVD rentals and a bottomless bag of Jax as compensation. Until that glorious day, my Friday posts may be lacking the usual flair. To save my precious Top 5 Films from this sad fate, I'm going to finish that blog tangent this weekend, and offer a fresh installment of ON REPEAT. The song this week is 'Cool Yourself' by Thao With The Get Down Stay Down (heretofore abbreviated TWTGDST).

TWTGDST is a three-piece San Francisco 'alternative-folk' group, featuring lead singer and guitarist Thao Nguyen (go figure!), bassist Adam Thompson and drummer Willis Thompson. The aforementioned 'Cool Yourself' has been in heavy rotation on my Zune HD for the better part of a week since first hearing it on Sirius XMU. It's a short little diddy, clocking in just over 2 and a half minutes, so it wastes no time on verses or build-up, thrashing into a chorus within the first line. That's not to say it doesn't go anywhere. The second 'verse' leans on a jangly piano part that sounds torn from of a Billy Joel B-side and a full-fledged brass section. They both play quiet nicely with the electric guitar part, and give the breakdowns and the brief interlude an added heft. I can't imagine what they would have thrown in if there was a third verse. Glockenspiel? Sitar? Glass Harmonica? Fortunately, they know when to stop and end the song on a high of piano solos, bouncy tubas and Thao's adorable voice.

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  1. I repeated this song a number of times. I love it and especially I love the smurf part.