Monday, February 1, 2010

Jon Hamm = Sexy Mann

If you missed SNL this weekend, it's ok. I didn't see it either, but I did see what was probably the best sketch and have taken the liberty of embedding it here for your viewing pleasure. Jon Hamm hosted this week (yes, Don Draper). If he looks familiar on the Studio 8H Stage, it's because he hosted SNL a little over a year ago and did a bang-up job. Several of the sketches from his maiden hosting are already classics, including Jon Hamm's John Hams and Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women. If you haven't seen them already, shame on you and scroll down. This week, he added another priceless sketch to his resume, lampooning Scott Brown (the newest Bay State Senator) and star-struck Democrats. If he isn't careful, SNL is going to offer him a spot on the cast, or at least make his Hosting Duties a yearly event (a la Alec Baldwin).

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