Friday, January 8, 2010


With yesterday's erroneous cupcake post, I reached the 100 post milestone for this blog. 100 may not seem like much, but it represents a substantial investment of time and creative (I use this loosely) energy. I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed by the twinge of accomplishment I felt when I realized this or I should shout it from the rooftops. I'll try and split the difference.

I think starting a blog is a bit like making a resolution. If you can make it through the first month unscathed, there's a good chance the habit will stick. Many people make resolutions to get in shape and within a month of setting these goals find themselves with a dusty stairmaster. This blog is my mental exercise. I fancy myself a film/music guru, but this blog has given me a very rudimentary outlet for self-expression. I won't delude myself into thinking that an interesting blog post can pass for a piece of art, but as it serves to broaden my mind and  stand as a tangible (well, sorta) statement, it can have a similar effect.

I started this blog with the intention of creating something lasting. Or at least as a springboard to create something lasting. I don't think I am alone in this fantastical notion. I spoke to SS about this on a run a little while ago, trying to pin down whether the desire for some sort of immortality is a selfish one. Some people have children, creating a legacy and deriving satisfaction by raising them honorably, others manifest this by creating works of art that they hope will resonate with people for centuries. Everything we strive for in this life  stems from our struggle with mortality, and the truth that our time on Earth is finite. Without this sense of urgency, no man would accomplish anything. It is this subliminal ticking clock that draws us into the rat race of life. However we attempt to engage the world, be it a blog in some darkened corner of the internet or a forgotten painting in an abandoned house, it is always a noble exercise as it represents a swift kick against the current.

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  1. We should continue this conversation. I don't think kicking against the current is a good idea, necessarily. I like the idea of leaving something lasting though. Many fictional and actual characters have struggled with this. Might be interesting topic for TBC.