Friday, January 29, 2010

Indie Band of the Week: Local Natives

Local Natives are a 5-piece rock group from LA who released their debut album Gorilla Manor in the UK in 2009 and will get a US release February 16th on Frenchkiss records. Combining the vocal mannerisms of Fleet Foxes and the arrangements of Vampire Weekend, Local Natives have made a some ripples on indie blogs with their single 'Sun Hands'. I greatly prefer their second single Airplanes, and have linked the video below here. It has an itchy drum part and I love the dichotomy of the structured harmonies within the verse and the rawness of the chorus. They avoid the sleepiness of Fleet Foxes and the kitsch of Vampire Weekend by striking a nice balance between the two. Check it out.


Local Natives | MySpace Music Videos

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