Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movies on My List

Now I'm angry! I was so happy when I saw that your fear[ful] blogger (MD) had referenced me in his blog post. Maybe I shouldn't have been excited so quickly (this is a problem of mine) because later on in the same blog post MD takes a pot-shot at my Netflix que and movie tastes. First, MD doesn't even know what's on my que.

Second, MD is a total movie snob. I think he's accepted that he's a music snob but I think he just assumes he has a "good" taste in movies and doesn't like crappy movies. Let me tell you, MD doesn't know the first thing about why people watch movies. MD sees movies as art that needs to stand up to some artsy-fartsy standards. While seeing a truly artful film is an amazing experience, seeing a crappy movie that makes us laugh, feel good, or remember the good ol' times is alright as well. MD forgets that people love movies for lots of different reasons and decides to denigrate others' movie tastes from his little ivory tower.

It's time to put a few cracks in that tower. MD says, "maybe SS should move to Bedford and stop dragging down Arlington's top film list?" Oh, I'm not going anywhere! Not only that, but I'm going to drag Arlington's movie respectability down further than you could even conceive, MD. For as long as I can come up with these movies (please help me readers be commenting with suggestions). I'm going to put these movies on my Netfilx que and inundate Arlington with their badness. I'm not going to even watch them. I'll just put them on my que, receive them, and send them back to get the next one. Hopefully I can game the NYTimes little stat sheet to give Arlington an interesting top ten.

In the mean time here's my starting list in no particular order. I've linked them all.

HAHAHAHAH [evil laugh].


  1. You should def. watch Passionada - I think it like won an oscar or something.

  2. I would also like to say that Blue Crush is an all around amazing movie. Sure, the acting is sub-par, but the movie employed locals for almost all of the parts, and it portrays a positive image of problem solving in the face of adversity, pursuing your dream, all while staying healthy and fit, for young women (finally! movies these days denigrate girls' views of themselves so much.) I'm not exactly sure MD would approve of it, but I give it two thumbs up!

  3. I meant that MD would probably not approve of the movie Blue Crush; he probably does approve of any positive message for young women today.

  4. MD Doesn't approve of positive messages for young women today. He also doesn't think women are funny (his words).

  5. You were right the first time Katie. And Carlee, everyone loves a nice two piece. And MR. Anonymous need to stop hiding behind his anonymity and tell us how HE/SHE(HE)really feels!