Friday, January 29, 2010

Gosh Obama is so smart/awesome

For those of you whom aren't aware, Obama held a Q&A with House Republicans today that felt a bit like the House of Commons and mostly involved Obama wiping the floor with most of them (as civilly as possible) and showing how sincere he is in reaching across the aisle. He frequently mentions how much he loathes the cheap political fear-mongering from both sides that 'box us in' from getting actual work done. He consistently assures GOP leadership that he reads their bills (he refers to several specifics) and takes responsibility for his administrations shortcomings. It was a pretty engaging 90 minute discussion, and Obama really showcases his humanitarian side and his understanding of the issues. It feels like an eternity since W was in the White House. I'm sure you don't have 66 minutes to watch this MSNBC clip of the session, but if you are at all interested in why things don't get done faster, or have any doubts regarding the President's heart, do yourself a favor and take a look.

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