Monday, October 26, 2009

200 Greatest Tracks of the Decade (200-151)

The past few weeks I've been struggling with the mammoth task of aggregating my favorite songs into a manageable, easy-to-digest list. Not only is it difficult to try and remember songs almost ten years old, it is even harder still to pare down what was a massive list and achieve some semblance of order. Every song on this list has carved out a special space in the recesses of my mind and gave root to hundreds of memories, the flickers of which inevitably appear whenever I recognize the first few notes.

I'll spare you the critical analysis for a little while as I quickly learned that trying to rank the tracks in any fashion was both foolish and futile. Of the thousands of songs I listened to this decade and the hundreds of thousands more I never had a chance to, I realized that these songs are already the cream of the cream of the crop. By ranking them, I was effectively negating the compliment I was paying them by placing them on the list to begin with. That's not to say I am not ranking tracks at all (I am), and thats also not to say I'm not going to expound on individual tracks (I plan to), but for the first 100 songs I'm at peace with letting them just BE. I'll add links to some of the more obscure tracks so you can listen to them and they get a fair shake, but most of these songs should stir up enough for you without my hand in the mix.


Another disclaimer: Because I didn't completely dive into music until college, the list may be skewed disproportionately towards songs from 2003 onwards. You have been warned.

Without further adieu, here are tracks 200-151, in alphabetical order.

Amy Winehouse-Rehab (2007)
Beck-Lost Cause (2002)
Beirut-Nantes (2007)

Beyonce-Crazy In Love (2003)
The Black Keys-When the Lights Go Out (2004)
Bloc Party-Banquet (2005)
Cat Power-Werewolf (2003)

Clipse-Grindin (2000)
Damien Rice-Cannonball (2002)
DJ Danger Mouse-Change Clothes (2004)
Death Cab For Cutie-I Will Follow You into the Dark (2005)
The Decemberists-O Valencia (2006)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? -Dawn Of The Dead (2008)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Janglin (2009)
Eels - Fresh Blood (2009)
Elbow-Newborn (2001)
Eminem-Stan (2000)
The Flaming Lips-Do you Realize?? (2002)
Franz Ferdinand-No You Girls (2009)
Harlem Shakes-Sunlight (2009)

holy fuck -lovely allen (2007)
Hot Hot Heat-Bandages (2002)
Jens Lekman-A Postcard To Nina (2007)
Jesca Hoop-Summertime (2007)
The Killers-For Reasons Unknown (2008)
LCD Soundsystem-Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (2005)

The Lonely Island-I'm on a Boat (Featuring T-Pain) (2009)
Major Lazer-Keep It Goin' Louder (2009)
Mando Diao-God Knows (2004)
Missy Elliott-get ur freak on (2001)
The National-Abel (2005)

Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer (2009)
The New Pornographers-The Bleeding Heart Show (2005)
Panda Bear-Take Pills (2007)
Petey Pablo - Raise Up (2001)
Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows (2002)
Radiohead-Nude (2008)
Rich Boy-Throw Some D's (2006)
The Shins-Sleeping Lessons (2007)
Spoon-The Underdog (2007)
Sun Kil Moon-Glenn Tipton (2003)

Tapes n' Tapes-Insistor (2005)
T.I.-Hurt (2007)
T.I- What You Know (2006)
Timbaland-Way I Are (Feat. Keri Hilson) (2007)
The Veils-The Tide That Left and Never Came Back (2004)
Wale-The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature (2008)

The Walkmen-Little House Of Savages (2004)
The White Stripes-Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (2001)
Wrens-13 Months In 6 Minutes (2003)

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