Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get Your Party Hats On! (Party Hats Sold Separately)

As I'm sure Microsoft has told you, they have a new operating system coming out. Wait!! Before you light yourself on fire, hear me out. This one is actually good. It's called Windows 7 and I've been using a beta version on my netbook for a few months now. I have been amazed with how snappy and responsive it is and even more amazed that it hasn't crashed! So, when a little birdy told me that Microsoft was sponsoring Windows 7 "parties" and supplying the "hosts" with "party kits" which included a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (normally $300!!!), I couldn't resist signing up and inviting all my friends.

Well, a few weeks later, and look what Mr. UPS dropped on my doorstep!

Sure the packaging didn't leave a lot to the imagination, but I had high hopes for the goodies lying therein. When I cracked the sucker open, here's what I found:

A buffet of Windows themed goodies burst forth. This is the stuff that nerd dreams are made of. Here's the rundown of the items:
-One Windows 7 Puzzle

-Four Sets of Colorful Streamers

-One Bag of Balloons/One Set of Windows-Branded Napkins

One Deck of Windows 7 Themed Playing Cards

One HUGE Windows 7 Poster

One Windows 7 Tabletop Display

Ten (Yes Ten!) Windows 7 Tote Bags!

One Set of Instructions Explaining How to Have an Awesome Party

One Copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (!!!)

And finally, what Windows-themed Party would be complete without Spam

All the makings for a barn-burner! So make sure to leave October 22nd open on your calendars, because this party is going to be off the hook. I have a few invitations left, but they are going fast, so hop-to!

On a final note, this hilarious (and serious) ad telling you how to plan your Windows 7 party. Seriously.

After you've enjoyed that unintentional hilarity, here comes the Parody!

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