Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Songs/Albums of the Decade

I'm in the process of compiling a Top 100 list of my favorite Songs and Albums of the decade and am finding it to be MASSIVE undertaking. Not only because of the difficulty in leaving out albums and songs that I love, but also in terms of applying a dedicated ranking system to each and attempting to summarize my thoughts on them succinctly. Is a song I rank 37 THAT much better than a song I rank 89? I know in this day and age of short attention spans (I am a main offender in this regard), it is easier to boil things down to a simple ranking than to throw up a disorganized list of things I like, but sometimes things just aren't that simple. With that off my chest, I hope to begin counting down my favorite songs of the decade later this week in 10 installments, followed by my favorite albums in a similar format. I also have plans to do a list of films, but that will come a bit later, as I have some catching up to do (see Top 10 Movies I Need to Be Before I Can Be A Film Snob).

Stay Tuned

(Note: albums pictured above will not necessarily appear on my list, I just found the picture on Google Image Search)

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