Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Gets A Little Spookier

If the video below is any indication, Lil Wayne will be releasing his No Ceilings Mixtape on Halloween, his first since the acclaimed Da Drought 3, and his first of 3 albums he appears to be releasing before the year is out and before he is sentenced in February. The video shows him rapping a few verses (not as impressive as I would have imagined), some tour footage, and him explaining why mixtapes don't feature original beats ("I liked the song, that's why I killed it"). One track off the mixtape has already leaked and has Weezy rapping over Jay-Z's Run This Town beat and features some of Lil Wayne's best rhymes since Steady Mobbin', including this gem:

Crown fit me good, I ain't even gotta try on
Pistol mean business, that bitch should have a tie on

Can't wait.

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