Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where will he get syrup in jail?

This afternoon, in a Manhattan Court House, Lil Wayne pled guilty to attempted gun possession stemming from a 2007 incident aboard his tour bus. Analysts expect him to receive a one-year prison sentence when he is sentenced in February.

This sucks. Mere days after I sung his praises he had to go and get himself incarcerated. Doesn't he have bodyguards to take the fall for this? Why does he even have a gun to begin with? Couldn't he have hid it in his dreadlocks? All these questions whipping through my brain, but the most important one is who will replace the incredible presence that Wayne leaves on nearly every Top 40 track. As I said earlier, every track that throws him a verse skyrockets up the charts. I know he has 3 records due in December and I'm sure he has enough recorded material to put out 5 records without leaving his cell, but for our sake, I hope he lives in the studio for the next 4 months.

Pop music got a lot more boring this afternoon.

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