Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I know this blog is just a baby, but I've already received a good amount of feedback and want to clarify what I envision this blog to be. The Kanye/Lady Gaga post notwithstanding, I'm going to try and shy away from celebrity gossip, etc. On that note, I'm also going to steer away from injecting my opinion into the stories I post, as that usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth in other blogs.
So what will my blog be then?
I'm happy you asked. I will primarily use this as a means to aggregate news I find interesting to me. There will be original material in addition to this, in the form of album/film reviews on a regular basis and other material I haven't ironed out yet (lists, interviews, other reviews). Who knows what this blog will become, who knows if it will survive the month, but I enjoy it so far.

Stay tuned.



  1. I'm voting against you not putting your opinions in this blog. I think your opinions are original and I would like to read them. I think I am also 100% of the voting/commenting electorate at this point.

  2. I sort of thought blogs were about opinions of the individual on various power to the opinion!
    Celebrity gossip is "meh" in my opinion, but I do enjoy the music and movie posts. Keep 'em coming!